This term has recently gained momentum in the technology world and almost every now and then you will see job openings for Product Manager — Gamification or Gamification Expert vacancy and so on… But what actually are these companies looking for by hiring such people? …

Let’s take a look back on how we have come through since our ideation to launch, iterations and pivots. This is the story of Frendy — A social-commerce app dealing with daily essentials in the city of Ahmedabad, India.

I joined Frendy in June 2019 as a Senior Product Manager…

With this story, I am beginning a thread of articles related to Product Management centered around others and my own experience and journey towards becoming a Product Manager.

I hope this fits the interest of aspiring product managers, seniors into this field as well as tech enthusiasts and evangelists. I…

Parth Amin

7+ Years in Product Management , Consulting and Entrepreneurship | Sr. Consultant at Cognizant | Founded 3 startups, 1 exit | MBA - IIM Indore | CSPO®

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